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Audio Engineer | Composer | Musician


Hello! I am Nos, an audio engineer, composer, and musician.
I am part of LORE as a composer/mixer with Eili creating original music with our conlang "Eslu".
If you would rather trade services, please check my FAQ section for more info~Please feel free to visit my professional portfolio websiteIcon art credits to @aKi

Instrumental Database

The list of instrumentals I have made.
Link to the cover using the instrumental will be updated as they get uploaded!
If you are interested in any instrumentals on this list, DM me on Twitter!For custom instrumentals please see my AUDIO tab for prices.Note: Some instrumentals are free and some will not available for purchase

Song - Artist
Stuck in the Abyss - Noctyx (FREE instrumental)
Skin-Deep Comedy「魔法使いの約束」Part 2 Theme - Mili
絶体絶命 / Zettai Zetsume - Egoist x M2U
深淵のデカダンス / Abyssal Decadence - Fate/Grand Order
夢の終わり / The End of the Dream - Fate/Stay Night
緋の青 - Sennzai x Feryquitous
Kainé (FFXIV YoRHa)
NieR Re[in]carnation Trailer Theme
残酷な天使のテーゼ Arrange Ver. - Evangelion
Alive Until Sunset - Arknights
最後の花弁 / Saigo no hanabira - Egoist
慈雨のくちづけ / SID
EmBlem (BAE) - Paradox
Break Outta Here - Paradox
Feel Special - TWICE
ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル - Oster Project ver
Mambo No.5 - Lou Bega
Build a Little World with Me (Piano arrange)
Daisy Blue - 鹿乃
Spectrum - Survive said the Prophet
I can't wait for Christmas - Arashi
Agoraphobia - Autoheart
ロウワー / 25時、ナイトコードで。 × MEIKO
Sunglow - Yamajet feat. ひうらまさこ
ANIMA (Naked Style) - ReoNa
風になる(Acoustic Version) - つじあやの
Kuma Kuma - Niji-iro
春はゆく (Haru wa Yuku) the late spring ver. - Aimer
The Story Unfolds - Sdorica
Last updated August 8, 2022

Mix/Master + Extras

For other types of audio work not listed (ie: sfx, podcasts, audiobooks, VA/VO reels, etc) please contact me!

TypeMix/MasterFull Mix
Trio/Chorus(4+)Starts at $185Starts at $220
Time OnlyContact me
Harmony Guides$10 per layer
Adlib Guides$8 per layer
Artificial Harmonies$15 per layer
Heavy glitches/effects$15+ varies

For tuning please go to Eili as we work best together

Full mix consists of Time, Mix, and Master.- Number of vocal tracks may increase price.
- Commercial use adds extra cost
- Harmony/Adlib guides can be created using instrument, your mains, or temporary vocals.
- Rush 1-3 days +100%
Rush fees can be waived depending on simplicity of the mix

Instrumental / Off Vocals

Link to list of instrumentals I have done herePlease be sure to read through my TOS and FAQ

Instrumental (Off Vocal)Varies, contact me
BGMStarts at $150+ per 1 min
Alerts/Jingles$25 - 35 each
Original Song ProductionVaries, contact me*

Genres include Piano, Orchestral, Hybrid, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Artcore, Ethnic, Jazz, Lo-Fi, etc.- Instrumental / Off Vocals
- Price depends greatly on genre/complexity. (ie: Piano instrumental is much cheaper than rock or orchestral or EDM, etc...)
- For original arrangements of existing songs, the price varies, so please contact me for a quote.
- Commercial use depends on agreement - Please mention if it will be monetized in anyway.
- Buyout available at extra cost.
- BGM / Alerts / Jingles
- Price depends greatly on genre/complexity and length.
- All BGM can be loopable if requested!
- Commercial use depends on agreement - Please mention if it will be monetized in anyway.
- Buyout available at extra cost.
Original song production
* - Price varies greatly due to customizability but generally starts at around $350 depending on the genre.
- Includes composition, arranging, full mix/master.
- Original song production can be instrumental or tailored for your voice.
- Vocalist available at extra cost.
- Lyrics can be done at extra cost.
- Commercial use depends on agreement - Please mention if it will be monetized in anyway.
- Buyout available at extra cost.

Video Commissions

Look below for samples of each tier

Ice CoffeeMochaEspresso
$25$50 (+$5 per min*)$75+**

* - "Mocha" base price is $50 for 3 minutes (solo). Anything after that is +$5 per min. +$10 per extra vocalist.
* - "Espresso" price starts at $75 and depends on complexity, length, and deadline.
- All video commissions come with 3 revisions.
- Must provide all files required as well as lyrics and credits.
- I do not do CBs or large groups.
- I can animate in English, Japanese, Korean and Conlang (coined word) best.
- Must have finished mix and art at the time of commission request.
I work best with full illustrations rather than sprites.

Video Samples

Click here for more!

Ice Coffee - $25

- Simple particles
- Audio Spectrums
- Wiggle (optional)
No subtitles

Mocha - $50+

- Particles
- Audio Spectrums
- Wiggle
- Simple movement and effects
- Subtitles

Espresso - $75+

- Particles
- Audio Spectrums
- Wiggle
- Movement and effects
- Typography
Complexity increases price

Audio Samples

Here you will find some samples of Mix/Masters, Originals, and Instrumentals
For more, please contact me!

Mix samples - Click here for more!

10 vocalist Time/Mix

Solo time/mix/master + guides

Solo time/mix/master + art harms

Solo mix/master with heavy effects/glitches

Instrumental Samples - Click here for more!

Egoist x M2U - 絶体絶命 / Zettai Zetsumei
Instrumental + Time/Mix/Master

Kainé (Final Fantasy Main Theme Version)
Instrumental + Time/Mix/Master

残酷な天使のテーゼ【LORE arrange version】
Instrumental + Time/Mix/Master

Original Music samples - Click here for more or DM me!
VTuber Piano BGM samples - Click here for more or DM me!
Vocal Original Music Samples on my doujin circle LORE's YouTube

LORE - Original Music + Vocals (feat. Eili)

Original Piano Jazz BGM for vTuber

Original music on a Trailer Video + Extracted Voice Over and SFX

Original Orchestral Music


Please also read my FAQ page before ordering

Vocal Guidelines
- Please provide raws in WAV file format in MONO.
- If there are any overlapping takes, put them on a separate track file.
- Do NOT use any noise removal, compression, limiters, etc on the tracks.
- Please avoid clipping or peaking on your takes. I am not responsible for any distortion or issues in the mix caused by clipped/peaking takes.
- Record at a consistent proximity from your mic, throughout the whole song. Please avoid proximity effect by recording at a reasonable distance.
- Include the Off Vocal (instrumental) and On Vocal with your files.
- When ordering a full mix, please let me know if any lines have been copy pasted with timestamps.
- Client is responsible for being aware of these terms. Being unaware of the terms does not allow client to break any terms.
- Credit me as "Nos" and link my Twitter (@nos_0323)
- If you have a deadline please mention that you have a deadline BEFORE the commission is accepted. Any deadline given after a commission has already been accepted and started will be regarded as a "request to try finish by X date" rather than a hard deadline.
- Estimated completion times do not include time waiting for feedback and responses from client. Extremely delayed communication will lead to pushed back completion times.
- Third party post processing/alterations (ie, re-EQ, re-master, etc) to my instrumentals, BGMs, and/or Original Song Productions is not allowed. If any changes after completion of a commission are needed, please message me.
- All works that arent already specified with a revision amount will have revisions as needed within reason. Revisions are NOT for entire reworks of a commission.
- Please discuss with me for any monetary/commercial use of my works.
- You may not mint any commissioned music/bgm/sounds into NFTs under any circumstances. Any buyout agreements and/or commercial licenses will be retracted and action will be taken if any client is found to be in violation of this rule.
- Any commercial and/or distribution use licenses are only applicable for one person. Unless the commission was a gift or the commission was a buyout, it is not allowed. If you would like a license for multiple people to use a commissioned track, please message me.
- I reserve the right to cancel, decline, or refund any commission at any stage for any reason. Please do not take it personal.
- All prices are in USD and is to be paid in USD.
- Payments will be through Paypal invoices, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrencies, or Cashapp.
- Payment must be made up front unless doing payment plans.
- When doing payment plans, final payment is due within 2 weeks of project completion unless discussed otherwise.
Refund Policy:
- One-Shot BGMs are not eligible for a refund because of the nature of a one-shot.
- Refunds are not possible once payment has been collected, as processes would have begun for your work.
- Any client who files a chargeback for payment when I have already begun or completed the work will be blacklisted.
- For any original BGM, song production, etc chargebacks, copyright infringement, etc. legal action may also be taken against the client.


What do Personal, Commercial, Distribution licenses, and Buyouts allow?

UsagePersonal UseCommercial LicenseDistribution LicenseBuy Out
Use on non-monetized YouTube uploads
Use on monetized YouTube uploads-
Use on Twitch/YouTube/etc Streams-
Use on videos/montage/edits/clips/etc-
Use on albums/singles for free release (Digital/Physical)-
Use on albums/singles for sale/profit (Digital/Physical)--
Distribution on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc. *--
Use on outside streaming websites--
Use in Video Games, TV, Film, etc.---

*For covers of pre-existing music, clients are responsible for obtaining permissions/licenses as needed.
*My license options listed are for my audio services only.

Can my friends use the instrumental, song, bgm, etc, that I commissioned?
- For original music/BGM/Alerts and Instrumentals, commercial/distribution use licenses are only applicable for one person. Unless the commission was a gift or the commission was a buyout, it is not allowed. If you would like a license for multiple people to use a commissioned track, please message me.
- For personal use commissions, no it is not allowed. Please ask your friends to contact me seperately for usage.
Can I get a commercial/distribution license?
- Yes, depending on your needs you can get either one. Please contact me so that I can best advise you on what you will need.
Can I do a buyout of my commission?
- Buyouts are currently unavailable for the time being, but please inquire seperately if interested.
- Buyouts do not mean you can claim my work as your own. Proper credit is still required.
Can I do a buyout of work that you have already made?
- Whether it be work done for someone else's commission or my pre-existing original work, the answer will most probably be, no. Sorry.
Can I "upgrade" to a buyout from a commercial license in the future?
- Yes, just contact me at any time so that I may determine the price difference for you to pay to upgrade to a buyout.
Do you accept trades?
- I am open to possibly trading services, especially art. However, I don't always accept service trades, so please do not feel offended if the trade offer is turned down.
How many revisions do I get?
- Every commission will get unlimited minor revisions (simple changes that do not affect the overall work) within reason. As well as up to 3 major revisions (changes that would require a large amount of work to be done but are NOT complete reworks)
- Any revisions requested after final approval and completion of a project or after the 3 major revisions may be subject to additional fees.
Do you ghostwrite/ghost compose?
- No. I do not ghost compose. I require all work that I do to be properly credited. Do not claim my work as your own.
Can I mint my commissioned work into an NFT?
- No. Minting any commissioned work (including but not limited to) original songs, BGMs, alerts, etc. into NFTs is absolutely NOT allowed under any circumstances unless a prior agreement was made.
- Any buyout agreements and/or commercial licenses will be retracted without refunds and legal action will be taken if any client is found to be minting my work into NFTs.
Any other questions?
- Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask me!~


Please read my TERMS and FAQ page before inquiring

Click here to order Audio Commission

Click here to order One Shot BGM

or DM the following order form on Twitter @nos_0323

- Song name & link to the original (if applicable):
- Type of commission (Full mix, Instrumental, BGM, etc):
- Number of vocalists (if applicable):
- Number of vocal tracks (if applicable):
- Deadline (if any):
- Link to files (if applicable):
- Link to references (for bgm, alerts, etc):
- Additional notes/information:
- PayPal email (for the invoice):

One-Shot BGM

Original Music samples - Click here
Piano BGM samples - Click here
DM me on Twitter for more genre of samples!

This is a special order where you pay what you want* for a BGM!How it works:
- Fill out the One Shot BGM form or DM me your order form. Include all information, references, etc in the inquiry message.
- Include in the message how much you would like to pay (minimum price applies, see below)
- I send an invoice, once paid, I compose the track and deliver it!

TypeMinimum Price
One Shot BGM - Piano$75
One Shot BGM - Orchestral$75
One Shot BGM - Rock$100
One Shot BGM - Hybrid/Electronic/etc$100

* Your Pay-what-you-want price must meet or exceed the minimum price.- Payment in full upfront preferred due to the nature of a one-shot.
- No revisions
- Provide full brief at the time of ordering.
- Higher price adds to duration and/or complexity.
- Average turnaround time depends on the genre.
DM on Twitter for any questions and/or clarifications!